How does #myShrewsburyMoves work?

Anyone wanting to be take part will be able to purchase MyZone devices at a short-term discount through The Shrewsbury Club’s MyZone e-commerce site. The belts normally cost £150 but will be reduced for this campaign to a special #myShrewsburyMoves cost of £59.

The £59 fee will also include a "welcome pack" which will include some information and help you get the most out of the campaign.

At the end of the campaign, you can either keep the MyZone belt at no further cost or return it and get a £50 refund. This means that the cost of participation in the campaign is as low as £9 providing you don’t want to keep the belt. Whether you keep the belt or not you can still win the prizes.

Simply by buying a belt through this channel you will be automatically registered for the campaign and you will be able to exercise anywhere you choose over the #myShrewsburyMoves period of 16th January - 19th March, earning MyZone Effort Points (MEPs) that, in turn, qualify you for £5,000 in cash prizes, to be awarded in March 2017 at a closing ceremony.

What are MyZone Effort Points?

MyZone effort pints (MEPs) are the performance metric for MyZone users, calculated by measuring output (heart rate) during concerted exercise against basic criteria like age, weight, and gender.

MEPs are awarded when you are exercising at between 60-100% of your maximum heart rate, as follows:

  • 50-60% = 1 MEPs/minute
  • 60-70% = 2 MEPs/minute
  • 70-80% = 3 MEPs/minute
  • 80-90% = 4 MEPs/minute
  • 90-100% = 4 MEPs/minute

The World Health Organisation has designated 1,300 MEPs/month as the baseline healthy level of exercise.

What are the prizes?

There are 5 prizes available to anyone who buys a myZone belt either online through #myShrewsburyMoves website or via The Shrewsbury Club.

#imovedmyShrewsbury - £1,000 - Each time a participant earns 1,300 MEPs, they are awarded one draw ticket. The winner of this award will be selected at random at the closing ceremony.

#mostactiveworkplace - £500 - Awarded to the company that in the opinion of the judges promotes #myShrewsburyMoves to its employees and encourages its workforce to be active.

#mostinspiringSalopian - £500 - Awarded to the participant whose story is deemed by the judges to be the most inspirational

#mostactivefamily - £1,000 - Awarded to the family who demonstrate the importance of being an active family in the opinion of the judges

#mostactiveschool - £2,000 - Awarded to the primary and secondary school in the region that in the opinion of the judges does the most to engage its pupils, teachers and parents in this campaign.

Who Are Our Judges?

The judging panel will be made up of one nominated person from the following organisations:

  • Energize – the local county sports partnership
  • MyZone UK – distributors of MyZone
  • Shrewsbury BID
  • Shrewsbury Town FC Community Trust
  • Sponsor