Our Prizes

So here is how you could possibly win one of our prizes simply for getting moving!

#imovedmyShrewsbury - £1,000

By simply registering your belt on our website you are automatically entered into this competition. Every time you do any activity wear your myZone belt and your MEPS will automatically be uploaded. Every time you earn 1,300 MEPs, you will be entered into a draw to win a £1,000, the more MEPs you record the more entries you get! The winner of this award will be drawn at the closing ceremony. Get registered and get moving!

#mostactiveworkplace - £500

Awarded to the company that in the opinion of the judges promotes #myShrewsburyMoves to its employees and encourages its workforce to be active. We are looking for companies who get their employees taking part and we are looking for the company that gets the highest average MEP score per employee participating in #myShrewsburyMoves

In addition the judges will be looking for the following:

  • Evidence the company encourage their workforce to lead more physically active and healthy lifestyles (e.g. promoting health initiatives to staff or supporting and rewarding staff who get involved in sports challenges).
  • Demonstrates commitment to helping their workforce be more active (e.g. installing bicycle racks and showers for those who wish to cycle to work).

Register now to enter your company.


#mostinspiringSalopian - £500

Everyone has a story to tell and we want to hear about how you have managed to make #myShrewsburyMoves Go to the Tell Your Story (coming soon) section of the website and tell us your story. There will be a £500 awarded to the individual with the most inspirational story in the judges opinion.

#mostactivefamily - £1,000

Exercise is always better together and we are looking for a family who are committed to #myShrewsburymoves and get active. We are looking for how many MEPS you record and so head over the Tell Your Story (coming soon) and tell the judges why you deserve the £500 and #mostactivefamily accolade

#mostactiveschool - £2,000

There are two awards up for grabs here; one for junior schools and one for high schools. There will be £1,000 awarded to the winning school in each category. Register now to enter your school.

Here is the criteria the judges will use to choose the winner.

  • The school has an inclusive approach to sport and physical activity, ensuring that all pupils, regardless of level of ability get the opportunity to be active on a regular basis, as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • The school offers a broad range of activities for pupils to try, giving them the opportunity to try and choose different things.
  • The school provides a range of inclusive opportunities beyond the curriculum.
  • The school makes links with community groups and clubs in order to encourage participation beyond school.
  • The school encourages active travel to and from school.
  • The school utilises their environment to keep pupils active throughout the day.
  • The school has signed up to #MyShrewsburyMoves.
  • The school has supported #MyShrewsburyMoves by promoting the 2 month campaign and has encouraged the wider school community, e.g. parents, carers and supporters, to be active and to actively support the school's efforts to enable pupils to be active.
  • Individuals have signed up to #MyShrewsburyMoves noting your school as their source.

Please note that High Schools will also be judged on this additional criteria:

  • The school provides Young Leadership opportunities for pupils.